Hospitality Chatbot Solutions


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WhatsApp Chatbot serves various purposes for hospitality establishments, including order updates, special deal notifications, quick communications, automations, reservation management, and omnichannel integration, fostering enhanced guest experiences and operational efficiency.

WhatsApp Chatbot Business for serves as a communication tool facilitating connections between hospitality establishments’management, guests, vendors, and other stakeholders, enabling seamless interaction and engagement.

With a staggering user base of 2 billion people, WhatsApp Chatbot stands out as a favoured channel for businesses to engage with customers. Its high open rate of 98% ensures maximum engagement with guests and stakeholders.

WhatsApp Chatbot supports various multimedia messages, including images, videos, audio, and files, fostering natural and lively interactions.

Compared to email and SMS, WhatsApp Chatbot simplifies record-keeping by easily saving conversations and facilitating easier tracking

They can leverage WhatsApp Chatbot Business to serve guests throughout their journey. It offers personalized services from pre-arrival to departure. It aids hospitality management in co-ordinating services during stay, gathers post stay information, performance management of staff organizing events, attracting more customers to name a few.

To streamline communications with guests and staff, simplifying interactions and fostering preference, as 9 out of 10 guests prefer communicating through WhatsApp Chatbot.

WhatsApp Chatbot facilitates instant notifications to guests, quick responses, and support, alongside offering a catalogue for easy access and booking of hotel services, fostering efficient communication and customer service.

WhatsApp Chatbot enhances trust through verified identities and end-to-end message encryption, ensuring secure and reliable communication channels.

WhatsApp Chatbot serves as an effective upselling channel, with higher open rates compared to emails, allowing hospitality establishments to personalize messages and services to upsell to guests effectively.

WhatsApp Chatbot has significantly improved efficiency and revenue for hospitality establishments, showcasing tangible results in enhancing communication and guest experiences.

Integration of WhatsApp Chatbot into a hotel’s operational infrastructure is typically done through the Property Management System (PMS) provider.

WhatsApp Chatbot charges for messages vary based on the recipient’s country, ensuring cost-effectiveness and flexibility in communication.

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Only one number can be added to a WhatsApp Chatbot business account for a hotel, ensuring streamlined communication channels.

Integrated WhatsApp Chatbot allows hotels/hospitality industry to send various notifications, including reservation updates and promotional offers, enhancing guest engagement and service efficiency.

WhatsApp Chatbot conversations are initiated by customers and managed primarily before arrival or during their visit, easily handled by hospitality teams for efficient communication.

Hospitality establishments promote their WhatsApp Chatbot number through digital platforms, QR codes, and physical cards at arrival, ensuring easy access and communication for guests.