Hospitality Chatbot Solutions

Transform Your Hospitality Operations using WhatsApp Chatbot

Is your hospitality business struggling with outdated communication methods? Elevate your operations management, guest experience, and marketing efforts with a tailored WhatsApp Chatbot designed exclusively for your hospitality business. Connect with your guests anytime, anywhere, all within one streamlined system.

Hospitality Chatbot Solutions
Hospitality Chatbot Solutions

Your guests are on WhatsApp Chatbot. Where are you?

At Hospitality Chatbot Solutions, we recognize the challenges posed by traditional communication methods. Many of our clients have faced difficulties in managing guest communication effectively.

We’ve collaborated with numerous local hospitality businesses, to revolutionise their communication standards and elevate their guests’ experience. With our platform, effortlessly track conversations, uncover trends within your hospitality establishment and seamlessly handle your guests’ requests and concerns via WhatsApp Chatbot, ensuring a streamlined guest-interaction process.

Unlock Extraordinary Business Communication in 3 Simple Steps

  1. Sign Up: Choose the ideal plan that suits your business. Build your customised profile and complete the checkout process.
  2. Customise: We conduct an in-depth assessment to identify your specific communication and marketing needs. We then implement a tailored chatbot solution to bridge communication gaps.
  3. Enjoy Your ROI: Watch as happy guest feedback and customer growth give you a competitive edge.

Our Promise to You


We are with you on this journey, providing ongoing local support.

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We are an innovative team passionate about creative problem-solving.


We are devoted to finding the best possible solutions for your hospitality business and guests.


At HCS we specialise in chatbots designed specifically for the hospitality industry, our integration partners include:

Hospitality Chatbot Solutions
Google Sheets
Hospitality Chatbot Solutions
Meta Business Partner
Hospitality Chatbot Solutions
Hospitality Chatbot Solutions
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Hospitality Chatbot Solutions
Hospitality Chatbot Solutions

Our chatbots offers three main components:

  1. Guest Communication: Provide your guests with top-quality service around the clock and reduce costs while improving customer engagement.  Customers use your customised WhatsApp Chatbot to do everything from finding answers to taking action – at their convenience, with the click of a button- it’s like having their own dedicated staff member attending to their requests 24/7.
  2. Marketing & Event communication: Use the chatbot for marketing purposes. Send specials and promotions directly to your guests, and even enable them to make bookings. Your chatbot can seamlessly integrate with major reservation systems used by hotels and more.
  3. Operations Management: Hospitality Chatbot Solutions offer performance monitoring features that enable hotels to assess the effectiveness of their WhatsApp communication. Hotels can track message delivery rates, response times, and customer satisfaction levels. This data allows hotels to identify areas for improvement and enhance their communication strategies.

WhatsApp has features that make it really good for hospitality businesses to use to talk to people. It has a high open rate of 98%, meaning almost everyone reads the messages. It also lets you send pictures, videos, audio, and files, making chats fun and lively. Plus, it saves all the chats, so hotels can easily keep track of conversations better than they can with emails or text messages.


Join Hospitality Chatbot Solutions  and elevate your hospitality business with your very own affordable WhatsApp chatbots today!

Small to Medium

R 2250 (All Inclusive) / Month
  • 5 Agents
  • R550 / additional agent
  • 1000 Free service conversations / month
  • 1000 Free Chatbot sessions / month
  • 10 Chatbots
  • 50 Flows per Chatbot
  • Limited Chatbot Builder

*Chatbot Builder Fee (Once Off):  R4500.00 (All Inclusive)

Medium to Large

R 4450 (All Inclusive) / Month
  • 5 Agents
  • R550 / additional agent
  • 1000 Free service conversations / month
  • 2000 Free Chatbot sessions / month
  • 25 Chatbots
  • 200 Flows per Chatbot
  • Advanced Chatbot builder
  • Collect data & trigger automation
  • Route chats & update attributes
  • Interconnected Chatbots

*Chatbot Builder Fee (Once Off):  R4500.00 (All Inclusive)